The No Business 100 is simply a 100 mile loop ultra long run ultra for the sole purpose of improving your health. It was originally created as a road race for the benefit of those living in this beautiful part of the world, but has since evolved into an annual event to benefit many in the community. Every year, turn the path of the loop in either clockwise or anti clock wise direction; running it in either years and counter time. The idea behind the 100-mile loop is that you can walk a hundred miles and still not go over your goal. For those who have run the 100 miles and still did not reach their goal, the idea may just be too hard.

The No Business 100 will be run in a scenic area with beautiful views. It will start at the top of Blue Ridge Mountains near the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains National Park. From there, the route takes runner into the heart of North Georgia, traveling down the famous Roaring Fork Creek. Pacing the race in this beautiful area, you can view the famous Roaring Fork River and the Smoky Mountain National Park. Other nearby attractions include historic Gatlinburg, the Great Smoky Mountains, historic Litha Ridge, and the Buford Dam. Pacing up the ridge you will come across a series of waterfalls and lush forests of cypress and pine along the way.

The route then takes runner a little less than two hours to cover the historic Black Mountain College campus before turning onto the first big hill, the one you need to cross to reach your goal. Running up and down this long climb is tough, but the views are beautiful. The third and final climb will take you a little less than three hours to complete. After viewing the beautiful Smoky Mountains, the race will wind down and you will return to the safety of your car. This is the perfect route for a complete 100-mile run or an overall challenge that includes a marathon or half-marathon.

If an overall distance is important to you and the time doesn’t matter, this course also offers a fun, beginner’s experience route. With a flat and easy grade, it allows even beginners to enjoy the great outdoors while getting their feet wet in the mountains. The business 100-mile race is perfect for an experienced runner who has been running for some time and needs a shorter training run to get ready for the bigger race. However, if you are just starting out, it is the perfect route for building your endurance and leg strength before heading into a marathon.

Unlike other races on the Pikes Peak circuit, the No Business 100-Miler takes the runner through a series of cities and towns. Starting in Gatlinburg and following its path all the way through Pigeon Forge, the runner will enjoy beautiful sites, great food, and the chance to visit local attractions. Since the race finishes in Gatlinburg, it is also an ideal way to end a tour of the Smoky Mountains.

One of the most scenic routes on the Pikes Peak circuit, the No Business 100-Miler starts in Gatlinburg and follows its way through Pigeon Forge, Roanoke, Weaverville, Gatlinburg, Green Mountain, Blue Ridge, Ellijay and finally finishes in Green Mountain, NC. Because it is located so far from the town of Gatlinburg, many people choose to run the race from their homes. This provides them with the great comfort of a good night’s sleep while allowing them to enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery along the way. The course is challenging enough and the solitude and serenity of the Pikes Peak region make this an ideal race for runners and enthusiasts of the trail.

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