The term “sexy business women” is starting to sound a lot like the new “hot girls.” If you have ever looked for the perfect executive position, or even a casual job in your local community, you will probably have run into hundreds of them. These are the sort of executive posts that can make the rounds of the community and the boardroom, only they aren’t typically filled with board members, or even CFOs, and are usually filled instead with the sexiest businesswomen. That is because these executives have a secret, which is that they are actually hot, smart business women, who know how to run a business effectively and they don’t need a posh beta male around to teach them how. They are also willing to take the initiative, and put themselves first. This is great in a business environment where many men are afraid to step out on the ledge, or take a risk, because they are worried about being seen as vulnerable or gay.

And these women have got their pick of top-level business executive positions. They are the ones who get called in to solve major problems, who command respect and loyalty from their peers, and who can make tough decisions with a straight face. In fact, many of the best and brightest hot shots of today’s business world had to start at the bottom, working behind the scenes, before landing big roles in large corporations. But if you’re one of these powerful, winning, sexy women, you may feel that you are cut out to be an executive. After all, you have that secret, that ability to make tough decisions, to be confident in your own sexuality, and to get the job done – no small thing for an average Joe.

But you can’t call yourself a sexy business woman unless you have a great career and a good paying job that can attract the right partners. There is something else you should be called, too, by the way. You should be called a business woman first and foremost, without any other nickname. Why? Read on for an explanation…

A business woman needs to have a good business sense. She has to know how to balance her budget, how to plan her time, and she has to know the secrets to making an organization run smoothly. If you are really sexy, you can’t just expect to get the job done without a few tricks up your sleeve, right? And that’s why a sexy business woman has got to know a thing or two about business, as well as men. She has to know how to seduce them, in a way that will impress them and make them think: “Wow, she’s smartening up! That must be a great job.”

A sexy business woman also has to have strong opinions, and she needs to express them without being obnoxious or self-centered. Too often, these qualities come across in women who are trying to climb the corporate ladder. They don’t speak up, they listen, they take suggestions, but they never express themselves in a meaningful way. Women who can’t speak her mind will be portrayed as fickle, irresponsible, and – worst of all – greedy.

A sexy business woman is going to be a valuable asset to an organization if she is willing to do a little bit of volunteer work. Sometimes, the company she works for will appreciate it, too. If you want to look like the sexy business woman someday, start learning how to be a valuable asset in your industry today. That way, when you’re offered a promotion, you’ll be able to strut your stuff without having to resort to playing the gender card! Now go brainstorm.

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