At Amazon, the Business Intelligence Engineers function in tandem with technical analysts, customers, and database designers to analyze collected data to provide business intelligence tools that help make business decisions. They use mathematical algorithms to support searchable information in order to provide business insight. As such, BIS professionals can create or evaluate business intelligence tools from massive amounts of data. They can also use their computational skills to find patterns and relationships among the data. Together, these tools provide an unparalleled insight into business and help businesses determine what to do next.

Amazon Web Services is the largest online e-commerce company in the world by traffic. As such, it requires an enormous amount of data to function efficiently. These massive amounts of data, coupled with advanced algorithms and sophisticated software programs, enable BIS professionals to create new ideas or detect trends that lead to changes in strategy or business directions. These teams are able to apply their analysis and findings to changing business circumstances. In turn, they are able to improve Amazon’s bottom line by improving services, lowering costs, or optimizing the marketplace.

As part of the hiring process for a position as an Amazon business intelligence engineer, an applicant must pass an extensive background check. This includes a full review of a person’s education, work history, personal and professional references, and criminal records. The hiring manager will want to know that the prospective candidate is trustworthy, responsible, detail-oriented, and able to independently complete projects. Additionally, the BIS professional must demonstrate that he/she has the ability to learn new software programs quickly and be easily proficient at applying those newly learned skills. For this reason, the BIS job description typically calls for the completion of a comprehensive coding test or a battery of tests.

As part of the recruitment process, applicants are required to participate in a series of technical interviews that test their ability to analyze large quantities of data, think critically, and create recommendations. During the interviews, Amazon’s hiring team will provide sample questions and answers, as well as explanations of why specific questions were asked. As part of the interview process, applicants also take a data scientist test that assesses their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Amazon’s business intelligence group conducts in-depth technical interviews with the potential candidate. These interviews are designed to test candidates on their ability to work independently, in large groups, analyze large amounts of data, communicate effectively, manage information and communicate with other employees and executives. Applicants also undergo a battery of tests and surveys to assess their computer programming and problem-solving skills. Each of these assessments is associated with specific business intelligence topics. The selection process for the selected candidate includes an evaluation of both the technical skills and the competencies needed to build a robust technology platform.

The interviews and tests provided by Amazon Business Intelligence allow for in-depth insight into what makes good candidates successful and identify the weak areas. Candidates that successfully complete the Amazon jobs they are qualified for will be offered first crack at a second level job opening offered by Amazon. This gives candidates an excellent opportunity to increase their chances of landing a top position. By using data and statistical analysis techniques, as well as proprietary technologies, Amazon looks for the hidden qualities in job candidates that will help it to build the most robust technology platform. Candidates that learn to master the techniques and apply them to their everyday job activities will have a better chance of developing a winning skill set and ultimately contributing to the success of the amazon business.

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