Business casual is a term thrown around a lot when it comes to business and work related events. But when it comes to Reddit, it’s more of a forum for sharing interesting and up to date information. Because Redditors are very active users of the site, many of them are likely to be looking for information on how to do things better, make new friends and so forth. So we thought we’d put together a small guide to business casual attire for women.

One of the most important things to remember when dressing for business casual is that there is no need to dress up to the Nth power. You should dress down and have fun. Women will wear business casual shirts with pleated or flapped sleeves and trousers with zip backs. The neckties should be plain white or black with thin ties and platforms or buckles. No one will take too much notice of you unless you’re wearing a full suit. For those of you who are unsure what to wear:

Some other business casual clothing tips for ladies involved in redditing (i.e. business) could be: thin business casual trousers in dark wash or corduroy, preferably with elastic cuffs; business cardigan sweater, depending on the weather; mens blazers in earth tones like khaki, beige or brown; and a slouchy pair of trousers in corduroy, preferably with a zipper in the side. Also, if you can’t bear to bare arms, you can always get an electric biker jacket instead. There are many redditors who are more into bandannas, body art and tattoos than actual business casual clothing. The key here is to be comfortable and not overdressed.

Dressing for business casual attire involves some research on men’s formal business casual attire. The basis behind this rule is that the business casual attire we all follow here today was once the business casual attire of the men and women of our grandfathers. If you dress like them, people will automatically treat you like one. If you don’t want to copy anyone, at least be comfortable and have a good sense of fashion. Here are some mens formal business casual attire ideas:

As for me, I prefer to stay away from the gray or beige suit as I find them too boring. What I do enjoy about redditing, though, are the great mens fashion or suit combinations such as: two-piece gray suits, white oxfords, oxford shirts with gray stripes, plain black shoes, a plaid shirt for a redditor who doesn’t want to dress for work but still look professional. All of these are perfect for the guy who doesn’t want to dress for work, yet can still look smart and put together a great outfit.

In conclusion, redditors know how to mix business with pleasure. It is important, too, that we respect the boundaries of traditional mens wear just as much as we try to break free of them. I truly believe that business casual mens outfits are the way of the future for both genders. Whether you are a man or woman, redditing is always an enjoyable experience. Who knows, you might even make some money doing it!

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