Superior Business Solutions was founded by Mark Ling, Certified Technology Specialist, founder and president. Superior Business Solutions is an innovative health care and information technology company based in San Francisco, California. It is a company focused on building state-of-the-art technologies that enhance the way we live, work, and behave. It provides unmatched expertise in the areas of eCommerce, business development, health care management and information technology. It also provides unique business solutions for all business sectors, such as entertainment, information services, education & training, and technology.

Superior Business Solutions looks forward to combining its years of experience and outstanding technological innovation with the dynamic world of technology. It will strive to build superior business solutions from the ground up to help you become more profitable. We believe that superior business solutions are defined by a combination of superior people, knowledge and technologies. Our combined resources are committed to delivering the most cutting-edge solutions to your business. Through our strategic alliance with key members in the health care industry, we will rapidly gain industry-leading technologies and know-how.

One of our core business strategies is to build superior business solutions by combining our extensive network of knowledgeable professionals with in-house research and development. Our goal is to develop and deliver to you, your business and its customers, the most complete comprehensive and relevant information available, in the most compelling and convenient formats. We do this by investing in our companies’ information technology infrastructure. This includes developing and deploying the most powerful and accessible online data capture and management system. By combining superior business solutions with our comprehensive data management strategy, superior business solutions through our promotional programs are:

In the last 5 years, Superior Business Solutions has strategically worked to increase market share in the Midwestern markets. In doing so, we have found a number of excellent choices for increasing our presence and sales in these markets. As an initial step, we invested in several promotional products geared to this particular region. Among the many superior business solutions we developed were marketing programs focused on the following areas: advertising programs, new product development, sales support and training programs, as well as specialty events. Within a short period of time, we found that these promotional products and services were proving very effective.

These promotional products and services proved to be very effective. Within just a short period of time, we saw an increase in business and a corresponding increase in sales. Within a short period of time, we experienced an increase in the number of new clients and customers. In addition to these benefits, superior business solutions through our promotional products and services expanded our customer base.

Superior business solutions through our marketing programs have also increased our ability to handle highly complex projects. For example, when handling legal documents, we discovered that the majority of our business clients had inadequate knowledge of the proper document management services required for this type of work. As a result, legal documents often required additional hours of processing time and, in some instances, a lot of money went into incorrectly completing these documents. We invested in several quality business solutions designed to address this problem. Because these promotional products and services were so effective, we now receive hundreds of phone calls each week from business owners who are looking for our document management services.

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