Making your own risky business costume is a very bold costume to put on. After all, you are going to be walking around wearing a tight pair of tighty white pants and a shirt. This is what you have to create your Risky Business Costume and walk like Tom Cruise in one of his iconic roles. When you want to come up with a costume idea that everyone will love, then Risky Business might be what you need. If this is your first time making costumes then you might want to consider a few things that can help you get started.

The first thing you have to do is go out and find a good, solid colored, short-sleeved shirt. Of course, you want to keep in mind the purpose for your costume, but also your personality. You should be confident and have a smooth talking skills, otherwise this would not be appropriate for a business meeting. One idea you can use to get your personality in place is to think about how you would walk around the floor in business attire when you are actually on the floor of the business meeting. Then you can get out a few vases and candles and put them on the table. These candles can give you the mood to walk around the room and do some dancing around.

The next thing you want to get for your risky business costume is a necktie and a bow tie. A red or black necktie is a must and you should pick a colored necktie with a little flourish or something that is fancy dress themed. This is a great way to create a unique look that everyone will appreciate. For your bow tie, you can pick a fancy dress costume or go out and get yourself some really cute high quality bracelets and get the bow tied on with a little flair. You can also use a nice smelling spray like lavender or orange to help give your costume the right mood and smell.

Another thing you will need is a white dress shirt. You should try to think about the image that you are trying to portray and then pair that with a brightly colored white socks and with a pair of white shoes, you will definitely come up with the proper attire. A great Tom Cruise risky business costume would be one where he is in his office and he is dressed to the nines in business attire with a white dress shirt. Then you would grab a box of black candies and he is ready to go.

One other thing you can add to your risky business costume is a red or white top hat and black stockings. You can easily find red or white sneakers for this particular costume that you can wear over your shoes. You will need a pair of white sneakers that have black stripes down the side and white socks that you will tie around your waist. A top hat can be easily found at any costume shop or even online and you can pick one that closely resembles a sheriff’s badge. With these items and a large bottle of wine, you are ready for the night.

To complete your costume, put on your red or white striped socks and you are ready for the night. A good idea for a Risky Business Halloween costume is to put on some black pants and shirt along with your red or white top hat and a big bottle of white wine. Your best bet would be to wear this out on the town so you can get a lot of attention from people. There are a few other ideas you may want to consider but if you do not have any ideas, there is a chance you will end up just standing around with no costume at all. Just remember to take risks and have fun.

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